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I have ongoing tickets with Cloudflare and for our Cloudflare Partner acct which are using the same email and the communications are fine via email. When they send me a ticket link e.g. it’s a 404 and says “sign in” top right even though I am signed in just like here in As soon as I sign in again within “support” it kicks me out. I thought this might be 2 factor auth but I turned that off and no joy. I have tried this with cookies cleared and updated versions of Chrome and Firefox.

Now I have a support ticket about support tickets currently under investigation.

The screenshot above is our CEO so that was the first grab I did when logged into his own Cf acct which did show a few old tickets so I’m thinking it’s our acct, not across Cf entirely?


Hi @stuart - let me check into this and get back to you


Works on individual client accounts just tested again, the account I’m using has the same email as our partner acct. ( which when we are logged into (partners) and hit help (same as at the bottom of that kind of page experience the same behaviour but are NOT logged out of partner acct, BUT ARE logged out of - if all that makes sense. Again, this is in up to date browsers FF/Chrome no matter what. I recorded a short screencast below.


Hi Stuart - I might finally be making some headway on this, but can you provide details on the specific tickets and what behavior results in each scenario? I want to be as detailed as possible and this one is rather unique.


It’s the same in every scenario except when I get a “Are you satisfied good or bad email” with a link like this

Then I can click “good”… but that is a one time deal.

But if I go to it boots me out (which is the top thread url they always mention. I’ve already shown you the screenshot for that.


So you email from your one address, whether it’s personal or partner related (since it’s the same for both). The system accurately routes the issue to partner or personal based support, and you get replies. If you click on the ticket link in an email over a personal issue it takes you into the support interface (signed in) and you can see your personal tickets. But if you click on the same type of link in a response to one of your partner issues it throws you out.

Is that what’s happening?

Or are you CC’d on tickets by someone else on a partner account and you can’t access the actual ticket?


Thanks for responding. One email yes but we can’t open at all no matter who sends us a ticket partner related or not. The customer satisfaction email is an anomaly I believe created by your Zendesk integration.


Hi Stuart - do you have example tickets I can include in the bug report?


All we have to do is login to our account and hit support and it boots us out. Doesn’t matter what ticket it is.

Here are some past incidents resolved using email.




I think I was misunderstanding before. Is the problem that NONE of your tickets can be accessed via the support center links, but ALL work fine when responding via email?

I had thought some tickets were working depending on topic or whether they were personal vs partner.


Not at all. I mentioned the only url that opened was a “Satisfaction” (good/bad) follow up from your system. We cannot get into ANY urls at all. If we need a new login separate from our partner email (though I cannot imagine why) please advise.




One more question. If you go straight to the support center and click sign-in, are you taken to the Cloudflare sign in and then dropped back to the support center in a logged out status, or do you end up in Cloudflare dashboard and then click support and get logged out again?


If I click sign in from it goes to regular cloudflare login and we can log in (we have 2FA), it does not take us back to support and I stay logged in. Going back to support at anytime kicks us out.

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