Cloudflare support thinks I'm a free user, but we're on pro plan

First time here and I’m kinda pissed that I have to be, so please bear with me.
I submitted a support ticket after Googling for my issue and then reading the suggested help articles. I got an auto response saying that since I was a free tier customer, I couldn’t contact support and that my ticket was automatically closed. I verified in my account settings and responded that I’m not on the free tier and that we are on the pro plan, and it did the same thing.
I really hope this isn’t a harbinger of bad support to come and am very unimpressed so far.
It really feels like two things:

  1. We don’t care enough to have enough support staff and expect the community to do our support for us.
  2. We really, really don’t care and even if you pay for the pro plan, we’re going to ignore that.

Thanks for listening. If anyone has tips on how to get actual support from Cloudflare support, I’d love to know.

What’s the ticket ID?

Can you also verify a payment is showing in the billing section (


Ticket Id: 2308608
Yes, lots of payments for months and showing another coming up in December.

While @walshy deals with your support question, but while you are here:

What is the problem you are having? Perhaps it can be solved faster in the Community?


Cloudflare support responded. This is the reason for this issue:
The ticket got classified as Free due to not containing the domain name in the ticket.

I’ll close this one and create a new post with the original issue, just to keep it clean.

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