Cloudflare Support Team Kidding Me

I have submit a ticket for my API problem, but support team asked me to create a new demand stubbornly. I don’t understan, why?

Hi @Cryptograph, sorry for that, but the note is clear, you contacted support from an account that is not associated with the zone you’re asking about. I can see you have a handful of ticket with the same issue, you’ll need to login to your account, verify the domain you have a question about is part of that account and then contact support. (an option to consider for down the line is if you have multiple accounts under multiple email addresses, add your other email addresses as members, that will avoid this later) But, you’ll continue to receive that automated reply until you contact the from the other account.

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My email already verify and I logged with 2 factor authenticate.

It is not about how you logged on or whether that email is verified or not, but you need to contact them from the email address associated with the domain you have been contacting them about.

I’d argue the message you got is pretty clear and it is pretty logical as to why. Just contact them from the right account/email and you should be good to go.

This domain belongs to me and I have added to my Cloudflare account. I don’t have any different Cloudflare account.

In that case you need to tell that to support and clarify it with them.

They still give me the same answer.

Can you verify what domain you are asking them about?

Yes, I can verify. Because these domains belong to me and I’ve already redirected domain names to the nameserver ( and addresses you defined. How can I prove that domain names belong to me?

Also, I have created new ticket different domain but the give me the same answer. Are they robots?

Hi @Cryptograph, the zone you posted is; support is being contacted regarding that zone from an email address of “c*@*m” and that person is not shown as having access to the account.

Edit - When you contact Support, please include a link to this conversation and please post the ticket number as I’d like to keep tabs on progress. Here is a link to this thread, Cloudflare Support Team Kidding Me

Ok, I have created a new ticket. Ticket number is 1621062

Thank you, I see the ticket and was adding detail, but helperbot intercepted that action and closed due to the same issue. Can you please email support AT Cloudflare DOT com from a different email address than what you have been using? Support is not recognizing the email address you are using as being the owner of the zone you reference. And, in that email, please include the original issue you’re facing. If I read the error correctly, that may be a symptom of the same issue you’re currently encountering when contacting support.

I send email different email address but I got the same answer again.

OK, I see it…will post back in a bit

I’ve asked for assistance and the support team will circle back with you. Can you post the steps to reproduce the error?

Thanks for helping me.

When I create DNS record with API I’m getting below error

“You didn’t specify a Cloudflare api key and email yet.”

Also I get the error found in the following screenshot when I enter to manage the address

I suspect you’ve tried this, but can you log out and log back in? And thank you that detail, I will add it to ticket.

Edit and also you may want to make sure of the email address and api key, including no trailing or leading spaces.

I have tried it also with different internet connection and different computers have also tried :slight_smile:

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