Cloudflare Support Short Domain Names?

I am running a medium game website and using short domain name urls. Instead of the I am only using the Hosting provider Siteground stated that Cloudflare does not support this as part of their service.

Does Cloudflare support short domain names? If yes, I like to know which steps I can take to enable Cloudflare CDN for my website?

If this a NEWBIE question…sorry about this.

Cloudflare just handles DNS so yes it can easily resolve a naked domain (no www.) there is no such limitation at Cloudflare. SiteGrounds may not support without it but I can’t see why not these days.

Just have an A record with the server IP and if you want to support www. still you can have that as just a CNAME or A record.

Just to add to what @WalshyMVP said, the reason Siteground are telling you this is because their partner integration with Cloudflare works with a CNAME setup, as you can’t have a CNAME on the root domain, this will only work on www.

If, however, you sign up directly with Cloudflare, you absolutely can use the root domain.


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