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HI Every one .
What kind of support service is provided by cloud flair support team. No one is there willing to reply back in 24 hours regarding the major issue . our website is getting up and down frequently and no body fro support service team is replying.

Qasim Ishaq

Note that “median” is a median - your request might be more complicated than other requests and thus will take longer.


I think a the moment cloud flair service is not upto the mark . Our website is aso facing the same issue frequently.

Hi @qasim, the info from @Judge is spot-on. We’re here at the Community to assist all cloudflare customers. If you’d like to share the issue you’re having, we’ll try to help.

Next, as mentioned by the Support engineer, Please avoid opening new tickets so we can better assist you with the issue faced with consolidate guide in the same ticket. Multiple tickets will not help to resolve your issue, they only help in dramatically slowing the reply to your actual issue.

Next, regarding this issues with your site. If you can share any error messages, screen shots or description that describes the issue you’re seeing that is helpful, from your description, it is impossible to determine the issue. But, I can see two things. First, you deleted the domain from Cloudflare but have not changed your name servers. This leaves your domain open to hijacking by bad actors. Finally, the domain has a whole series of icann holds that you need to clear with your domain registrar. We’ve seen folks getting started that are stymied by these holds. Only your domain registrar can assist with these:

Domain Status: clientDeleteProhibited
   Domain Status: clientRenewProhibited
   Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
   Domain Status: clientUpdateProhibited

WRT next steps.

  1. Add your domain back to your cloudflare dashboard
  2. Clear the holds with your registrar
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I am very disappointed from cloud flare support . From last 4 days our website was getting up and down and we were losing sales . I wax raising this issue with support team but no one was willing to reply me to explain the situation. How long will it take nothing they replied in 4 days . Finally i got one option left that is to remove site from cloudflare and i did that . Dont know what kind of support service is this.
Qasim {redacted}

Sorry it was difficult for you, @qasim. As mentioned, you won’t have a whole lot of flexibility with the domain until you clear the icann holds with your registrar.

Beyond that, if you’ve not already, you should change your nameservers away from Cloudflare. They appear to be propagating, so that change may be in process.

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