Cloudflare support not responding

I am in a Pro plan with median email response time of 4 hours, it says on plans page, yet I could not get a response for nearly a day for my request on ticket #1858953.

Is this normal? or is this normal these days?

We depend on you cloudflare, please don’t bail on us!

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The response times are unfortunately very fluid :slight_smile:
Did you respond to the automated message? Otherwise it might have been closed.

Whats the issue?


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Yep responded to the automated message right away. Issue is about the sni which was resolved before but suddenly appeared again just 1 week later.

What exactly do you mean?

Is this something the community can fix or does it require the support?

It requires support. It was already resolved by the support 1 week ago. We just experienced the same problem again and requested the same fix again, but no one seems to be looking at the support requests.


Then I am sorry I can’t suggest anything else. You can only wait until support gets back to you.

And possibly pester these :smile:
@cloonan @cs-cf @ryan @adspedia

@cloonan @cs-cf @ryan @adspedia
Can you please help?

Poor @cloonan, now got four notifications (unless Discourse is clever enough to aggregate them).

Seriously though, none of them seems to be online right now, so even a response from them can take a few hours - also considering it is Sunday.


Just noticed this now, and upon checking the ticket status, seems you have been helped and ticket i snow closed with support.

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