Cloudflare support not just not helping, but actively doing harm by not bothering to read

By not bothering to read, Cloudflare support has given me repeat instances of bad advice that it is impossible for me to follow.

e.g. “manually renew your domain in the add years section” - I can’t, because of an issue with the domain in question with an “update your payment method” error that won’t go away no matter how many times I update my payment method (and yes, the payment method is correct; I just used it yesterday to both transfer and renew another domain).

e.g. “can you change your nameservers?” Uh… No, I can’t, because Cloudflare is my registrar. You changed them, not me, and THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH TROUBLESHOOTING THE ISSUE AT HAND.

For the record, I’ve shared the attached screenshot with them a gazillion times, of the error message that won’t go away. Nobody from Cloudflare support will so much as acknowledge that this error should have gone away once the payment method was updated (let alone successfully charged for another domain).

I’ve gotten 4 days of runaround and bad advice instead. Who’s in charge of training Cloudflare support, and why do they still have a job?!


For anyone at Cloudflare actually reading this (which I highly doubt), case in question is 1862995.

Once again, the error message in the screenshot will not go away no matter how many times I update my payment method (or use it successfully for another domain). As such, it prevents me from making payment to renew my domain.


Hi @lctb,

I’m sorry you have had a bad experience with Cloudflare support, I have generally found them to be very helpful and able to solve any issues.

Has your ticket been passed to a billing engineer with this query, or are you with technical support?

This has been going on since Friday. It’s supposedly escalated to engineering, but my last message was yet another “can you try updating your nameservers?” (see screenshot for why that’s impossible).

(Cloudflare is already my registrar - they moved me off of Andy and Ruth, not me).

I’m just trying to renew my freaking domain.

This is definitely fixable. Hopefully @cloonan can push Ticket #1862995 along.

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Interesting, your domain currently has the status
and looks like it has expired according to whois on 2020-02-22.

Definitely something support need to fix.


I hope so. It’s just a matter of clearing out the “update your payment method” error for that domain so I can pay. That’s the one thing nobody in that ticket will acknowledge.

And FWIW, I’m not typically that negligent in renewing my domains. The payment declined email (and all other CF emails) started getting flagged as spam somehow.

There seem to be multiple issues going on here, if I understand correctly.

  1. Your domain expired back in February
  2. You can’t renew the domain due to the billing issue

I suspect the nameserver issue is caused by the domain expiry and this will need to be fixed once the domain is reinstated (presumably after the payment goes through).

As for the error with the payment method, all I can suggest is that you work through this with the engineer on the ticket. I understand how frustrating it can be when issues like this occur, however I am sure it can and will be resolved and would urge you to consider the engineer on the other end who I am sure is doing their best.

I’m trying, but when I point out over and over and over again the issue preventing me from making a payment (the aforementioned payment method error which persists after payment method changes), only to have said error completely ignored and instead get responses repeating advice which is either impossible (“change your nameservers,” which I can’t do due to the fact that CF is already my registrar) or can’t happen until the issue I keep pointing out is finally addressed (“manually renew your domain in the ‘add years’ section”), and this goes on for going on five days with no end in sight… My patience is beyond tested.

I would even be ok with the 12+ hour delays in responses I’ve experienced for much of this process, IF I felt that even one person from Cloudflare was actually listening and acknowledging what is now clearly the issue (again, I was both able to transfer and renew another domain with the same payment method).

I just want to pay to renew my domain. That’s the one thing nobody has made any progress in enabling me to do, because they can’t be bothered to address the issue I’ve pointed out repeatedly in said five days.

And TBH, it’s extremely frustrating that the nameserver switch (which occurred today) wasn’t paused when it was clear that I had a ticket open to renew my domain on Friday.

Understood, it may be that the open ticket did not affect an automatic/scheduled process if that is the reason the nameservers were changed.

Depending on the last reply to the ticket, I would recommend summing up the problem and what the underlying issue is preventing you from completing the recommended steps. If you explain in a short reply why you can’t take the recommended steps, but avoid adding other stuff relating to your unhappiness with not getting the issue resolved, it may just help clarify the issue on the other end. Unfortunately, there is not too much else the community can do to help on this :slightly_frowning_face: I hope you get it resolved soon!


Cloonan has seen this thread, so I’m pretty sure he’s begun looking into the support ticket.

Thank you for opening a ticket, as stuck name servers for Cloudflare-registered domains is something I expect they’re working on. Yours certainly isn’t the first, but it’s the first time I’ve seen the expired domain twist thrown in.


@sdayman @domjh Thank you very much for your help, both for tagging Cloonan and just for acknowledging the issue while weathering my rage.


Once again, when I’m told it goes to engineering, I sit in a black hole without any feedback whatsoever. When I worked in IT, I would have been skewered for letting a ticket age 25 hours without any updates (especially if the ticket was almost 6 days old).

Do I say something and start the loop of already tried, already failed recommendations again, or just sit in silence until my domain is deleted?

I just want to pay for my domain. :confused:

Some progress. The error was removed, and my account was billed to renew the domain. Now I just have to wait for them to point me back to the nameservers.