Cloudflare Support Link Endless Login Loop

Does Cloudflare offer support? Only over the past 3 years I’ve never been able to log in.

Am logged into Cloudflare Dash.
I click Support > Help Center
This page appeared (logged out):
Click login to support.
Taken back to dashboard login.
Endless circle.
Tried various browsers with/without ad / tracker blockers.

Conclusion. The Support link just to give the impression Cloudflare offer support, but actually they don’t.

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Hi @FJdjjjkshs23rds,

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help. Please give Support the complete details and link to your Community post. Here’s a bit of background on Cloudflare Support for reference:

If you choose ‘Get more help’, it should let you open a ticket. They do provide support!

If you have a general question, the community here may also be able to help.


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