Cloudflare Support ignoring my messages

Hi there,

I have been trying to seek assistance from the support team of Cloudflare since 3 weeks and I had no luck.

Basically I got an abuse email explaining my site may be in violation of Section 2.8 of the Terms of Service and they nuked all images/logos etc in my website with a message saying “basic plan can’t be used for this” without prior warning.

While the ToS allow them to even terminate my account immediately, I would expect them to drop a warning message first asking me to comply or explain how much they want me to pay exactly instead of limiting the service like this!

After I received the message I acted immediately and did the following:
1- Disabled caching for all subdomains via page rules (this method).
2- Disabled proxy for the 2 subdomains that I suspect are generating the most traffic and may be the source of the issue.

Till now, not a single support agent cared to explain what the abuse was exactly so I can deal with it correctly and make things right, and no one cared to tell if they want me to pay for some specific service/plan to bring things back to normal!

I tried to reach the support several times to ask about this, and explain that I pretty much removed any thing that might be causing the abuse but no luck…

The last thing they said is they’re closing my support request and forwarding it to Trust and Safety Team for review, but I never heard back from that team, it’s been more than 2 weeks!

Any help on how I could get some useful support here to solve my problem?

Thanks in advance

That’s unfortunate, but Trust & Safety has the final word. If they’re not replying, it’s because they’re not going to argue the point. They’ve already made their decision. There’s just nothing the Community can do to assist you and your cause.


Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

I’m aware Trust & Safety has the the final word, but the final word on what!? I didn’t even ask them to remove the suspension, all I am asking for is to at least explain what was the abuse exactly.

I’m not expecting the community to “solve” my problem, but I’m mainly asking if there is a proper way to contact them or maybe someone from Cloudflare might see my thread per chance and tell me what to do exactly… Cloudflare’s support generally always took few days- a week to answer any questions I had even before the suspension problem and trust and safety seems to be even worse.

Well, of course it is speculation, but I believe you’d have the answer right there

Cloudflare simply is not intended to transfer large volumes of media data, unless you are paying for it.

I agree, there should be at least one warning and while I certainly cannot comment on the exact communication flow I’d also be annoyed if reasonable enquiries were simply ignored.

As @sdayman already elaborated, there is absolutely nothing the community can do in this case.

The only option would be to check if @cloonan could possibly pull a few strings here, but he is not on trust and safety either, so ultimately it will be up to them and if they decide to keep quiet, there’ll really be not that many other options than to forgo Cloudflare.

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Sorry for the issues @mohamed-hisham, the agent is not ignoring you, they are simply unable to see any details, the T&S team initiated the communication and they are the only ones that can see the details.

Aside from what was in the correspondence you received with regards to section 2.8, the Support team won’t have any information to share. I’ve added myself to your ticket, although as it’s been closed and escalated, I am also unable see the updates.


@sandro, thanks for your reply and for tagging cloonan, I appreciate it :slight_smile:

so ultimately it will be up to them and if they decide to keep quiet, there’ll really be not that many other options than to forgo Cloudflare

This is so sad, CF’s service was good enough for me until this problem, I know one can’t of course force them to accept me as a customer, again I’m fine with it, just giving me any small notice saying " we can’t offer the service you need’/ “we simply don’t want you”/“we find you not trustworthy to be on our network” would be much appreciated and understandable. I just need to know if I should keep hoping for my CF account to be reusable again, or should I just go buy a similar service somewhere else. or should I blindly upgrade my plan to a higher tier, but I doubt that would “unsuspend” my account. All I hoped for is someone explaining what paid plan/customized payment fees is suitable for me would be appreciated, this is the part I’m mad about. It’s the lack of communication and the lack of means to reach to Trust and safety team. I hope someone see my message suggest that communications become clearer in the future…

Cloudflare simply is not intended to transfer large volumes of media data, unless you are paying for it.
That’s exactly what I’m trying to know, how much they want me to pay, but to me honestly the trust and safety are just acting in a very weird way…

@cloonan Thanks a lot for tagging along, I really appreciate your comment and your attempt to help.
Like I just said, this god-like arrogant attitude from T&S is what is pissing me off, okay I understand the support team is not be blamed, but still the lack of communication is very weird and I can’t help but feel insulted. Moreover, I don’t even know in such situations do they ever end up replying to customers or not?! should I just upgrade my plan without waiting for an answer? should I just go look for service elsewhere, or do I have a chance to get my site working again on CF network…

Again, I’m not questioning the terms, just the communication attitude of some individuals at T&S who didn’t care to explain and handled things in a weird way. What’s even worse is at the end of the email I received they explicitly said

Some of your visitors may experience altered performance until this issue is resolved. The affected properties are:


If you have any questions, please contact our customer support team ( ) and they will further investigate this matter for you.

So basically they said “until the issue is resolved” but they’re not letting me know what the issue to solve is nor replying when I ask what the issue is, nor removing the suspension even though I modified everything…

Additionally, they’re literally telling me to go contact support, who do not know anything and are unable to help, so I can just keep turning in loops for ever, this is a very disrespectful and irresponsible thing, don’t tell me to contact support if they can’t help, do not make the support guys get blamed for your actions!

Once again, I really appreciate your taking the time to reply and reading my reply, but I’m just highlighting the irresponsible contradictions and the unprofessional lack of communication. I really hope T&S could use a clearer template giving a reason since the beginning, or telling the user that you no longer wish to offer them access to your services… The email is written in a nice way, but the lack of communication is sad and ugly…

Maybe it’s too late for me, but I hope this reaches to someone at Cloudflare who can at least just make sure things are done correctly in the future, and email notices are sent with a relevant template instead of this misleading style…

I get your point and agree, unfortunately this really is up to Cloudflare at this point and from what you described there doesn’t seem to be much movement.

One thing to consider though, they do have a lot of abuse to handle and most likely will neither have the time nor patience to look into everything for a long time, especially when it is about free plans, and will follow standard procedure.

It’s a bit similar to the forum when you have the 100th thread about mixed content or why people get a redirection loop. These topics have been covered endlessly and I honestly can’t say I always have the patience to explain that for the 101st time :slight_smile:


I would not do that, to be honest. Otherwise you might still have a disabled account and might need to jump through hoops to get your money back. Unfortunately even the paid plans have similar restrictions in place (except for Enterprise) and only dedicated services, such as Stream and KV, lift them.

Agreed and yes, there are some areas where Cloudflare has room for improvement when it comes to communication.

I am afraid there’s really not more than I could suggest, trust and safety is a sort of black box.

The only slightly more unorthodox thing I could suggest is trying to politely ping He occasionally does respond to issues and he’ll certainly be in a position to push trust and safety but, of course, no guarantee either and with a free account your leverage will be limited as well :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your reply and for the extra tips, I really appreciate it!
I will wait for a few more days before pinging/annoying @eastdakota. I can imagine the amount of “spam” he might be getting if every single person with an issue/suggestion contacts him. I feel bad for him…

Can’t agree more…

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