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Cloudflare Support Crazydomain ?

Support what exactly?

I Use
Not Work

That is an excellent error description :wink:

Did you already use the search? If not, do so.

How To Get SSL For My Site its Hosted On

SSL is not Cloudflare related. You need to contact your host about that.

I fully understand and I am so sorry for this. For you to be able to connect to CloudFlare, kindly ask for the instructions on how you can connect your domain with them. Thank you. By My Host Side.

First you need to sort out the SSL issue on your server, then follow the official guides on You should also check out the #Tutorials here.

I used This Its Not Working So deleted It. :pensive:

You need to talk to your host about SSL.

Not Free. On My Host

Then you need purchase it or change host. In any case you need a certificate on your server.

I need Free SSL

You still need to talk to your host about that. Cloudflare does not help you here.

We Used Cloudflare DNS Server Then Its Showing Errore 403 Forbidden What I Do Setup For Free SSL Plan.

Ehm, did you not read what I wrote quite a few times? You need to talk to your host about that.

I talk With Him And He Said Send Csr File To CloudFlare

If you have a CSR, then you can use it to generate an Origin certificate to install on your server:

i Mean He Says Get SSL ZIP File From Cloudflare

If you have a CSR you can - as @sdayman suggested - get an Origin certificate from Cloudflare but your host will still have to configure this on your server.

Again, you need to get SSL working on your site before you proceed with anything on Cloudflare.