Cloudflare support (*^*% big time!

Forgive my language, but Cloudflare support )((^ BIG TIME!!*

I have a ticket opened now for 7 days!
No response yet.


I see ticket 3227557 indicating you are not receiving emails for your tickets and your reply to the email from the agent on 4.17…:confused:

I also see ticket 3227484 and your conversation with the agent. Please, that ticket has content and is focusing on the issue, let’s keep the conversation in that ticket. No more tickets are needed, I’ll flag that for my colleagues in Support.

Sorry for the frustration. But, our goal is to keep the Community family friendly. Rougj language is not necessary and results in folks being less willing to assist. It’s not necessary and I’ll adjust it a bit for folks downtheline.


We that your ticket 3227484 has been solved. Do you need any further assistance?

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