CloudFlare support 1609212

I have asked a support question several weeks ago now. I keep getting an email saying This is a reminder that your request (#1609212) is pending and awaits your response. Yet I made a response! I thought you were blocking both email domains I used, my primary being @gmx. So I made4 my response here in the website support section. Now I’m here in the community asking what the ■■■■ is going on! I asked support my question all the way on the 6th it looks like.

Does your response show up when you go here and click on your request?

After you respond again it may take some time to review your request and gather the necessary details before they send their own response.

I can see a back and forth exchange on that ticket, it looks like you’re replying from two accounts, perhaps ensure there are no replies in either spam folder. From what I can see, support is waiting for you to share an ip in order to test further, if you’re comfortable sharing that here, I will add to ticket .

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Yes, my question appears there and I just made a response. Very odd that my email replies don’t even work. I am using the email address I have associated with my Cloudflare account. I have never encountered this issue before.

Got it, I see the reply, thank you. I’ll add myself to the ticket.

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