Cloudflare suddenly returns full blank page


This afternoon, I find one page suddenly become full blank page:

This is a Chinese version of the Data Recovery Blog - Discuss every aspect of data recovery, when visiting Data Recovery Blog - Discuss every aspect of data recovery and the language of Chrome is Chinese, then it will be switched to

But now it is full blank. I try to enable the “Development Mode” in Cloudflare, or use a uncached version 数据恢复博客-讨论数据恢复的各个方面, then everything is fine. If disable the “Development Mode” or just visit, then still blank page, even if I press Ctrl + F5 to refresh the page for multiple times.

What is the problem?


It looks like you have a Cache Everything page rule, so it’s difficult to know why Cloudflare cached a blank page. Try disabling that rule and see if it helps.

Thank you very much. However, “Cache Everything” is what I need, if disable this feature, then I would use other CDN such as Google CDN instead.

Also this page, i.e., works well in the past.

And other URLs, such as Outlook 不断询问密码时的 11 种解决方案 - 数据恢复博客 also works well now.

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