Cloudflare subdomains proxy works, but not top level (AA) domain

It used to work, but now I get “Sorry, website not configured” when I access my top-level domain (e.g. However, subdomains work ( I also see “pictures” of xyz .com in the speed-tab of cloudflare. The shown certificate for xyz .com is also valid and from cloudflare.

What might cause this problem?

Here’s a screenshot of my DNS configuration in Cloudflare:

Hi @alexander.dunkel,

That does not sound like a Cloudflare message. Do you have a valid SSL/TLS cert on your server and was your site working with HTTPS before adding it to Cloudflare? Also, can you share the domain name and a screenshot of what you see?

So the website was working before (last checked about a month ago) on cloudflare. Now I see the following message:

If its my webprovider, I need to check with them. On FTP, it all looks okay and subdomains do also work (e.g.:

I also have a valid ssl-cert (Let’s encrypt V3).

What’s suprising is that the cloudflare speed-check is generating thumbnails that show the site as if it was working:

Can you try pausing Cloudflare and see if it works then?

You can pause Cloudflare from the Overview tab of the Cloudflare Dashboard, bottom right under Advanced Actions.

If the issue persists after Cloudflare has been paused, it means that there is an issue with your origin, Cloudflare is only operating as your DNS provider while it is paused.

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Thanks! I paused and it looks like I have an issue with my SSL certificate of my Webhoster. Strangely, subdomain SSLs appear to work, but not for the top level domain. I’ll look into this…

Solved! Somehow, the SSL Cert for the Top Level Domain in the Dashboard from my webhoster got lost - it showed “SSL disabled”. I never changed anything. Enabling SSL again and then unpausing Cloudflare: site works!

Many thanks!

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Glad you got it sorted, no problem! :slightly_smiling_face:

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