Cloudflare subdomain with www not working

I want to use Cloudflare to get the following scenario working:

www.mydomainname.deCNAME to →
mydomainname.deCNAME to →

help.mydomainname.deCNAME to → to →

Everything is working except the last one. does not resolve. I tried it with a redirect page rule but this does not work.

My Page rules are:

CNAME is an alias for
CNAME help is an alias for
CNAME www is an alias for doesn’t resolve. This needs to be in your DNS settings here at Cloudflare. Same with

For your root domain, you need to decide if you want to go by www or without the www. Then redirect one to the other. Same with the help subdomain. Typically, subdomains don’t get a www, but it’s put to you. Just pick one.

For those redirects, I would use a Page Rules that matches one, then Forwarding URL to the other with a 301 redirect.

I added to my DNS settings. resolves correctly, but does not work. Which setting i am missing here ? should resolve. It doesn’t matter if it’s a CNAME or an A record; if it’s :orange: or :grey:. I should see an IP address when I query for that subdomain.

Can you post a screen shot of that part of the Cloudflare DNS page with the CNAMEs?

There it is: Screen Shot 2018 06 10 at 00 19 14 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

You need another CNAME entry that’s just that points to bestoullidua (please don’t make have to spell that all out). Just like the CNAME entry for help.

The problem you’re going to have is Cloudflare’s SSL certificate won’t work for a sub-subdomain. You’d have to pay for a $10/month certificate with Custom Host Names.

Most of the time, websites don’t have a www in front of a subdomain, like or don’t resolve. You’re better off without that one.

Thank you for your help. I’ll redirect all www to the non-www domain. Thank you for your advice.

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