Cloudflare subdomain record is not resolving properly

I’m trying to add a subdomain on my multisite wordpress installation.

I reached out to my hosting support and they told me to reach out to Cloudflare because “the subdomain record is not resolving properly from the Cloudflare nameserver”

Then they shared this Screenshot by Lightshot

I also noticed that I had added an A record to Cloudflare with the subdomain name and DNS numbers, but it’s gone this morning. I’ve had that happen to other entries. Hoping you could help with that too.

Thank you!

Its resolving correctly though you’ve no index page in there. I see the cgi-bin folder currently!

If you have an integration with a tool such as Ezoic you should manage your DNS records there, disable the integration or change your API key. You can review your audit logs to determine when the record was deleted/modified and from what Ip address.

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yeah, I see that too, but I don’t think it’s supposed to do that. how do I get that to open to the home page and not the cgi bin? Thanks!

I think that’s not the Cloudflare issue to resolve. However, a tip:
Add the index page. It doesn’t seem there’s some stuff. You can take the help of a developer. If other necessary things are okay with your hosting server, that should be okay.

That’s good. Therefore, you are able to access it. You can remove that ip image from here

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