Cloudflare subdomain not verifying by Click Funnels

Hi Everyone,
Newbie here - so go easy please :smile:

I have set up a subdomain with Cloudflare - called ‘go’ - so the full subdomain will be

I am trying to get this subdomain to point to Click Funnels which it appears to but Click Funnels can’t verify the subdomain for some reason and keep telling me its a CloudFlare problem.

Here is a screen shot showing the set up for the ‘go’ subdomain. Can anyone see if I have done something wrong?


I actually don’t see anything obviously wrong here. The record appears to be correct, perhaps they are simply caching a bad result and it will clear after a bit.

Thanks for the fast response. Its really starting to irritate me ! hahah

It looks like what I would expect in the screenshot, and when I resolve the records myself. I am just assuming the target is correct, but it at least resolves to an IP, which is a good sign.

Thanks. Yes I have made sure there are no spelling mistakes in the target address. So do you think this means that issue isnt a Cloudflare one but rather a Click Funnels one… ?

Sorry probably a dumb question but I have no idea, and both support areas are blaming the other - which is not helpful.

I don’t know. Cloudflare’s DNS TTL is 300 seconds (5 minutes), but if you happened to change nameservers then you could have up to a 48 wait before they can see the change.

Perhaps ask their support what is wrong with the record? If they can provide specifics it might be easier to track it down. It looks good from here. And it looks good on a bunch of public resolvers.

Thank you so much for the screen shots. That will help me when I contact Click Funnels support (again!)!!

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