Cloudflare Subdomain not connecting to Google Sites

I’m Trying to connect My Cloudflare Subdomain with Google Sites, But It is not being connected I’ve waited for nearly 2 days = 48 hours But still, this is the case

and Even I doubt
For adding Subdomain We generally Use #A Record Pointing The Ip address of the hosting provider or FTP
But For #Google Sites there is no IP address, How to add Subdomain Then? And then I added only the CNAME record pointing to google sites’
But There is No #A Record Added

Please Solve My Issue I has to connect My Cloudflare Subdomain to google sites

You are having this issue.

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But google requires www. CNAME record
So How?

Did you read the topic?

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Ya I have Read
It states I have to buy it by paying $10 But
Isn’t there any option for getting free because I’m Not Using the Sub-Sub domain It’s just
Isn’t there any way to get it for free?

I mean Can’t we add www. CNAME Record for rather than adding www.sub. CNAME Record for

Nope. “Sub” means “below.”
In the example of ‘’, “sub” is below “example”, and “www” is below “sub”, making it below twice – a sub subdomain.

I suggest that you leave ‘www.sub’ set to :grey: DNS Only for now.

Thank You

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