Cloudflare subdomain help

Good afternoon,

I recently activated Cloudflare for my site; CodeTips, but for some reason the subdomain would not pick up - resulting in my comments not working.

I’ve temporarily moved my DNS back to Digital Ocean, but I’d like to get it fixed so I can make use of CF.

Any help is appreciated.

For reference:

Cloudflare DNS

Digital Ocean

Appears to resolve for me on Cloudflare. What happens when you try to resolve it>?

dig +short

Oh :thinking:

So right now, using the DO DNS, this URL resolves: resolves.

I’m going to switch back to the CF DNS and we’ll see what happens. Perhaps I was just too impatient :man_shrugging:.

With “www” it wont work on HTTPS unless you purchased a $10/month dedicated certificate from Cloudflare. You will need to stay on “comments” only.

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