Cloudflare sub domains of a website already hosted somewhere else

Is it possible to use a Cloudflare sub domain tunnel to my home server, and have the main domain hosted as website by a hosting provider?
For example, if I had the website hosted at GoDaddy, could I tunnel the sub domain of to my home server. Or would I need to use a different domain name for tunneling.
My goal is to give customers preview access to prototypes, so the tunnel won’t stay live, but the website does.
I’m completely new to Cloudflare, so I’m trying to get an idea of what I need to do to achieve this.

Hi there,

You can add the zone to Cloudflare and have the apex pointing at your hosting provider by simply creating the same DNS records on Cloudflare as you currently have in your authoritative DNS. Externally the viewer will notice no difference except the records will resolve trough Cloudflare.

From there, after the NS are changed and the zone is active, you can create any other subdomain you need on Cloudflare and either point them to your origin or use it in tunnel.

Take care.