Cloudflare stuck authorizing my site

I don’t understand what’s going on and I can’t get any help from Cloudflare on my support tickets. Been close to a week and they don’t answer, probably because I’m not a paying customer but I was planning on it… But I’m unable to get my website to even connect with Cloudflare now.
I originally had my website as a non-www then found out i needed a www for Cloudflare, so I switched everything to www and hooked up Cloudflare without any issues, then found out my api connection with my dropshipping supplier got messed up somehow, I’m assuming because I switched to a www domain now but, originally I stupidly thought Cloudflare was just protecting my site from what it thought were bots or malicious traffic or something so I disabled Cloudflare with my site.
(Which now I know was a mistake.) to see if it would fix the problem. It didn’t, everything got worse infact, next time I turned it on my website wouldn’t even load at all, it kept giving me a SSL_Mismatch error. ANYWAYS, I finally got all that fixed, and now am trying to re-enable Cloudflare and for the last 2 days almost 3 its been stuck on authorizing certificate.

Also when I load up the crypto page I get a red notification at the bottom saying this :
“The following error occurred while parsing the API response: Unexpected end of JSON input”

Hey there. I’m guessing you’ve already emailed supportATCloudflareDOTcom? Aside from here on the community, this is your best avenue for receiving support. They will respond, regardless of whether you’re paying for a plan or on the free plan - I’m assuming you’re on the latter.

Based on the info you’ve provided (thanks for being so detailed) this appears to be the root of your problem. There was an incident this week related to a delay in provisioning SSL certs. You can read about it here. It appears to be resolved at this point, though there may still be some outliers such as yourself still waiting for a cert to be issued. If you haven’t already, I suggest you email them at that address and explain the situation.

As @anon13938084 mentioned, all plan levels can use email support. The tickets are prioritized by plan level, so FREE is at the back of the line. But we have a lot of agents working them 24/7.

There was an issue with some SSL certs being delayed last week. Perhaps this is related. Can you provide the ticket number on your support request so I can do some digging?

Hi @ryan I am having the same issue on my site can you please have a look on my ticked ?
Request #1440673
having same ssl authorizing stuck issue :frowning: Please check asap if possible