Cloudflare stripping down CNAME characters

cloudflare stripping down some characters from cname
I’m trying to validate AWS certificate cname but it cannot validate because cloudflare is stripping down some characters. is being saved as
_c3ef74dc0d4baeea7e3f6c6f5e441425.cdn is being saved as

As a result AWS verification does not work. Please help.

Hi @purecellsupplements,

This is just the way it is displayed in the dashboard, the full record is still

If it is not validating, you most likely have the record set to :orange: and should change that to :grey:


hmm, it doesn’t verify even after I change it from :orange: to :grey:

Oops, never mind, that worked!

Thank you so much! I spent about 2 hours playing with it :frowning:

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