Cloudflare + Stripe + E-Form - Payments not going through since switching DNS to Cloudflare


I run a e-com store, where we take payments via a simple E-Form submission with Stripe.
GoDaddy hosted all on wordpress.

The site is slow so I added Cloudflare to speed it up, and now the website is not communicating with Stripe.
Stripe support can’t see what the issue is, my web guys either.

People are able to submit the form but the payments will not go through to stripe.
I switch last Thursday, I’ve whitelisted all the Stripe IP addresses and did a firewall rule as well and nothing has worked.
Stripe doesn’t even see the “Failed attempts” either. I assume it’s an issue with stripe and cloudflare.

Not sure what to do besides obviously removing cloudlfare.
I’ve missed about 20+ paying clients since the 8th, I’m in the middle of scaling and I need a faster website too.

if anybody has any ideas that would be great.

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