Cloudflare streaming to .mp4 ext at the end of URL's

Hi There,

I have need to use video in my WordPress applications and they require .mp4 extension. Unfortunately video URL’s do not display a .mp4 extension, even thou the uploaded video is in an .mp4 format. It really pains me to have to go with Vimeo to have this supported feature.

Is there any way to support this or do we need to code something to make this possible. Would really appreciate any comments in this regard,

Thank you.

You have some options with WordPress, but you’ll need to either install a plugin, or develop something of your own.

The official Cloudflare Stream plugin is somewhat abandoned, with a broken Gutenberg block and no support for signed URLs. It does work though! If you use it, I’d recommend managing your videos entirely in your actual Cloudflare Stream Dashboard (not in the plugin) and inserting videos in your content using the shortcode method. Use the Gutenberg shortcode block, and insert code like this:

[cloudflare_stream uid=“some video id”]

You get your video ID’s from the Cloudflare Stream Dashboard.

There are a few other plugin options too, some mentioned in the forums here if you search.