Cloudflare Streaming Service

Hi -

We recently signed up for your Streaming Service. We are using Wirecast and have a demo reel looping to create a continuous video stream. In Clouldflare we created a Demo input channel and entered the stream URL and stream Key into Wirecast provided by Cloudflare. We started “broadcasting” from Wirecast and received no errors. However, in the Cloudflare Streaming Dashboard, the connection is showing as “disconnected.”

To view the video, we created a WordPress page using the following code:

where we substituted the $VIDEOID parameter with the “Live Video ID” for the
Demo stream. This code was copied from the documentation. The player on the website had the error message: “Video Not Found” which I suspect is because of the “Stream Disconnected” error (Picture 1).

As a further test, we uploaded a video and entered the VIDEO ID in the webpage code (for the uploaded video) and the video played successfully.

Please advise as to the procedure to connect the live stream in Cloudflare.



It took me a bit to figure out how to view a live stream myself! First, make sure the “Live Playback and Recording” option is enabled. (Maybe that seems obvious but I had disabled that option at the beginning because I didn’t want my videos automatically recorded. However, turning that option off disables recording AND streaming!) Once that option is on, start streaming using your client software. The “Input Status” light should turn green and you should see your stream playing below. To find the video ID, click the settings icon (gear) in the player, then click “Copy video ID”. This is the ID you’ll paste into the player URL on your website, replacing the $VIDEOID parameter. Then you should be able to watch the live stream on your website! Please note: each time you stop and start streaming from your streaming software, a new video ID will be generated automatically.