Cloudflare Stream & Yoast



Hey there! So I know cloudflare Stream is still new, but it’s an awesome addition to Cloudflare, and I’d much rather use Stream to add content to our domain then YouTube or Vimeo (Obviously Stream isn’t smothered in branding lol)

Anyways I actually reached out to Yoast about this maybe a month or so ago. We’re using Wordpress and use the Yoast plugin. So video links from YouTube or Vimeo once inputted and saved will then be detected by yoast and then added to the sitemap list.

But with Cloudflare streams it doesn’t yet detect that it’s a video file and therefore the plugin doesn’t add it to the Video sitemap. I’d like to actually convert all the YouTube and Vimeo videos on the domain to Cloudflare stream but I’d like to be able to keep the domains SEO as well haha.

Does anyone know of any solution to get comparability with Yoast and Cloudflare stream? Like any modifications to WP code or some work around? I’m not sure if this is the right platform to be asking but I figured I woukd since I’ve already inquired with Yoast and perhaps someone on Cloudflares forum might have already utilized a solution or something.

Anyways thank you In advanced!