Cloudflare Stream With jQuery

Hi guys,
I’m trying to use jQuery on a page that have a video but I notice that:

If you try to use console.log inside ( $(document).ready() ), that may not work…

Tested: console.log


There doesn’t seem to be an issue with jQuery, but I did dig into it and found out the reason why you are not getting expected message in your console.

It appears that the stream JS-script temporarily overrides the console.log() function, meaning that, during setup of the stream UI, you don’t have access to write out messages to console using console.log().

You can try a different example using and see that it in fact the message gets dumped.

Maybe someone from the Cloudflare Team can jump in, and tell us if this is known bug/issue, or if it needs to be passed on to the developers.


I done that.

$(document).ready(function() {