Cloudflare Stream Videos Stuck in Processing on Encoding State

We are using TUS uploads for our videos and since 13 August 2022 our videos are stuck in a processing state on our Stream Dashboard at 68%. Information below.

"readyToStream": false,
"status": {
  "state": "inprogress",
  "step": "encoding",
  "pctComplete": "68.181818",
  "errorReasonCode": "",
  "errorReasonText": ""

After a while, they go into error state with an unknown error code.

“readyToStream”: false,
“status”: {
“state”: “error”,
“step”: “encoding”,
“errorReasonCode”: “ERR_UNKNOWN”,
“errorReasonText”: “The video failed to be encoded due to an unknown cause.”

No feedback as yet from Support. Is anyone else experiencing the same?


Yes, also experiencing the same issue. The first video I am seeing with this error is from 2022-08-12T15:50:58.391435Z


Thanks @tony for confirming we are not alone in this :slightly_smiling_face:
I wonder how long it is going to continue for and what happens to existing videos in Processing and Error state.
Have you opened a case with support and perhaps had any feedback?

We’re actively investigating this and should have a fix deployed shortly.


Same error happening here. Whole app is down :frowning:

Are you still seeing this issue? We’ve pushed an update that should resolve it.


Works for me for new video. The ones that got stuck are still stuck.

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Also seeing videos that were stuck in processing, are still stuck. New uploads are going into ready state

@zaid what would the cause of this be? Would videos stuck in processing/encoding get to a ready state?

I have been experiencing this issue again. See details here - Cloudflare Stream Slow Processing