Cloudflare stream videos are not working today

None of our Cloudflare stream videos are working at all today, either embedded or via direct links. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?
Also, what is procedure for reporting service issues like this, as is currently showing normal operational status.

They are working for me. What do you mean it’s not working? Are you getting any error messages? What happens?

Could you open up your browser Network tab while either loading and see if any requests are failing?

The videos are simply not loading, with lots of errors (Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()) in the javascript log.
Try this example: Stream

Yeah that’s interesting, that video doesn’t appear to be working for me either, the video chunks are downloading but something wrong with the player on that video… i’m not sure

cc @renan @zaid

Got it. We’re looking into this right now.

We’ve implemented a temporary fix, we think the issue was caused by issue with the Javanese subtitle compatibility in the player. I will reply to this thread as soon as we implement a long term solution.


Much appreciated. Thanks @renan :+1:

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