Cloudflare Stream video uploader

As I just got the notification that Cloudflare stream is starting soon I wanted to share an example of how your users or staff could use it to upload their own videos without getting to know your API key for Cloudflare.

This little github projects written in nodejs aims to upload a video to your own server via chunks (mostly an upload server in your own department) then upload it from there to Cloudflare via tus and after thats done it just shows the status of Cloudflare’s encoding and returns a video url. The user can then choose some title, description etc.

It is most certainly not done at this point but that is a summary of what it does.


I have one video streaming to test the service. Would be useful if i could set a custom cover image.

Most important is WordPress tinymce editor removed the src stream command. I switch to the text tab to insert the embed code which is fine if i stay there. But switching to the visual tab the stream code is deleted. Hopefully this can be cured.

Cover images can be done pretty easily. I am not quite sure though what exactly you mean with the tinymce editor’s src command.