Cloudflare Stream Video Signed URL


I am looking to protect my stream video by signing it.

I have followed the exact procedure mentioned on the

My Frame tag looks like this:

<iframe src="" style="border: none;" height="720" width="1280" allow="accelerometer; gyroscope; autoplay; encrypted-media; picture-in-picture;" allowfullscreen="true"></iframe>

The frame doesn’t appear but when I manually copy paste the URL above I consistently get the following error on the video player:
“You don’t have permission to view this video”

PS: For testing purpose I am printing the signed token and manually copying it over the URL before I embed.

Any pointers would be highly appreciated.

Update: Option 1 worked perfectly fine for me, something is going wrong on Option 2 of securing stream.

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If you edit the title of your post to categorize it under Developers → Stream, you’ll probably get more eyes on the issue.

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Thanks @sdayman , I see it’s tagged on Developers Stream not sure if someone moved it for me.

Any thoughts on the issue? Any inputs would be appreciated.