Cloudflare Stream Video Plugin


This plugin seems like it would be the perfect solution to enable live streaming on wordpress sites… But it has not been updated in 10 months… Is this not being supported anymore?

I’m not sure how you’d apply a livestream to a WordPress site. I can see how it’s good for uploading videos, and streaming from your library. But live streams aren’t something to upload, and live streams tend to have a new URL each time.

Yeah some of the functionality would have to be extended… I am more curious if this plugin is still being supported since its been 10 months since an update…

Being able to live stream on your site would be very cool… So since Cloudflare now offers live streaming it would be great if there was a simi-easy to do that…

Because you can upload a video to the stream tab on cloud flare then you get an embed code for the player… So why can’t I get an embed code for a live stream player?

Thanks for your insights :slight_smile:

is it solved ? im trying also to embeded the livestream, but i dont like how to do it. is ist so hard to put some html5 code for embeded?