Cloudflare Stream video clip

I have been trying to clip my videos after upload
followed the docs for the video clipping.

when the request is sent to clip the video using "clippedFromVideoUID": "orginal_video_id", the response that i receive is:

	"result": {
		"uid": "new_clipped_video_id",
		"creator": null,
		"thumbnail": "",
		"thumbnailTimestampPct": 0.5,
		"readyToStream": false,
		"status": {
			"state": "queued",
			"errorReasonCode": "",
			"errorReasonText": ""
		"meta": {
			"name": "new file"
		"created": "2022-08-08T11:39:39.31798Z",
		"modified": "2022-08-08T11:39:39.31798Z",
		"size": 0,
		"preview": "",
		"allowedOrigins": [],
		"requireSignedURLs": false,
		"uploaded": null,
		"uploadExpiry": null,
		"maxSizeBytes": null,
		"maxDurationSeconds": null,
		"duration": -1,
		"input": {
			"width": -1,
			"height": -1
		"playback": {
			"hls": "",
			"dash": ""
		"watermark": null,
		"clippedFrom": "orginal_video_id"
	"success": true,
	"errors": [],
	"messages": []

The new video object gets created but the duration is -1 and height -1 width -1
and when i get to the HLS Manifest is not found and gives a 10003 not found error on the embed section.

I assume that the video is not getting processed or the unclipped original video is not being passed to be processed.

If anyone can help with a fix for this would appreciate it .