Cloudflare stream thumbnails cache issues

When you first submit a video to CF Stream you immediately get a thumbnail URL returned. If you access that thumbnail before it’s been generated then it returns a 404 forever.

It would be nice if the cache for the image thumbnail URL was cleared on status change (i.e when readyToStream changes to true).

I can get around this by showing a placeholder thumbnail before the status changes, but thought I’d flag it for those who don’t have such control over their intregrations.

@alex.crooks Yep! We’re aware of this issue and will fix it soon!

Not sure if this is useful for you, but you can generate thumbnails once the status.state turns into encoding as well. This will give you more time where you can use the thumbnails, even before readyToStream turns true.

HI Renan,

We are also facing issue with thumb image on stream functionality our thumbimage url showing 404 error. Here is the reference URL . Please help us

Hey @speedpostapp: This issue has been fixed for a while, I just forgot to update this thread. You can now request thumbnails after the upload is complete.
I just tried hitting the URL above and it works for me. Could there be another problem?

I’m still encountering this issue. I made a new post with more details.