Cloudflare Stream thumbnail url 404

I am getting 404 responses when I try to fetch a thumbnail for a video that hasn’t been uploaded yet (using request upload url). After I upload the video I am able to resolve the thumbnail for urls/timestamps other than the originally requested one. That is to say, it appears as though requesting a thumbnail at a specific timestamp before a video is uploaded permanently poisons that original thumbnail URL/timestamp. My guess is that the 404 response is being cached and not being reset when the video is uploaded. This is how I reproduce the issue:

  • request a video upload url
  • generate a signed thumbnail url for this video at a specific timestamp time=0s
  • fetch the thumbnail url (get a 404)
  • upload the video
  • attempt to fetch original thumbnail url again (get a 404)
  • fetch original thumbnail url with altered timestamp time=1s and load thumbnail successfully

@renan I am still seeing this issue.

I tried making a request using the Cache-Control: no-cache header from the client and am still encountering this issue.