Cloudflare Stream: Support Live Streaming

I’m quite surprised that Cloudflare Stream doesn’t support Live Streaming from launch.

Are there plans to allow WebRTC or RTMP sources, or somehow facilitate Twitch-style live recording and streaming?

Ideal situation - one click screensharing/webcam + audio from the browser, streamed to Cloudflare and then delivered by HLS or DASH (which I believe you already support)

So, I know that CF has STream, and Stream has matured very nicely! Kudos on bringing that encoding time down.
I also know that CF is in beta with an image service which looks to be really groovy.

Since you already have the encoding processes in place, how about a Live streaming feature product that allows a user to push to CF from a source or WebRTC, CF transcodes it, and creates a publishing point that can go on websites.
As of right now, we have to use Wowza or Red5, and although those products/services are very good, I feel that they cannot leverage the infrastructure that CF can.
(Billable per minutes viewed of course) :slight_smile:

This is already a feature request, merging. Cloudflare Stream: Support Live Streaming

I was feeling merged…thanks :slight_smile:

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