Cloudflare Stream Storage Expansion Issue - Payments Successful but Storage Limit U

I’ve been trying to expand the storage for Cloudflare Stream. Although it shows that the payment was successful, when I reload, I still get an alert saying that the storage limit has been reached. Additional invoices have been generated as well. This issue has been happening for the past three days, and I’ve retried the purchase several times, but it hasn’t worked.

Is there a known issue related to this? Are there any steps I can take to resolve it?

I am about to release a service using Cloudflare Stream, so this is quite urgent for me.

Sorry for the issues you’re facing @ryosuke.tokunaga

Can you create a Billing ticket and share your ticket number here? You can open a Billing ticket here,

Hey there! Stream PM here. Sorry you are facing this issue. Please do open a billing ticket, per @cloonan’s advice above, and if you’re able to PM me the ticket number, I’ll take a look asap

Thank you for your quick responses, @cloonan and @tsmith512.

I have already created a support ticket. The ticket number is 3261495. I appreciate any assistance you can provide to resolve this issue as quickly as possible, as I am preparing to launch a service using Cloudflare Stream.

Thank you for your support.


Thank you to everyone who responded. The support team has resolved the issue. I appreciate the quick and effective assistance provided.