Cloudflare stream sandbox

Hi, is there a sandbox version for Cloudflare stream?

You can use your existing Cloudflare account to experiment with Stream.

Yeah I know, I think I mal formulated my question.

I am building an experimental projeto and I’d like to know if there is a sandbox stream api so that I can test the service without paying up front.

Sorry, but Clouflare does not provide video storage and streaming services for free. You’re certainly welcome to read through other posts to ask other users about their experiences.

Yeah, I thought so.
Guess I will need to pay the minimum to be able to upload a video.

Tks mate!

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Hey mate, just a quick question. Is there a way to set my allowed origins as default for all my uploaded videos? Or it needs to be declared in every single video payload?


Hey there, you have to define the allowed origins for each video. You could automate this using Stream webhooks + Worker, so your worker gets a notification each time a video is uploaded and it calls the Stream API to set the allowed origin on the newly uploaded video.

Yeah, I figured! As I am uploading manually I’d insert in the payload.

Tks for the clarification.

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