Cloudflare Stream Plugin and Proper API

I would like to ask you for little advice. I am trying to put in live Cloudflare Stream Plugin for Wordpress and there is necessary API setting for connecting stream library. I think your knowleadge base not answering question how to setup API. I was trying to create token on Stream Read but it is not functional. I am adding screens for proper understanding of my problem. Can you please help you how to setup API token properly? Thank you very much

I think to use the official WordPress plugin for Cloudflare, you still have to use Global API Key for authorization.

Did you used Global API Key or the created API Token? :thinking:

I try to use both but not functional. It the help of plugin is written just to create token but without any detailed info.

If the WordPress plugin you’re using (not the current official one) does support API Tokens, then you may need to grant your token permission for Account - Stream:Edit.

The below is still not quite production ready, so not officially listed yet, but we’re currently working on an updated fork of the official plugin, which specifically uses API Token, supports signed URLs, fixes the block and includes other recent features, such as account specific media domain.