Cloudflare Stream - missing page at url in documentation

Hi, it might be me only but in the Cloudflare Stream Player documentation they send to this link: which ends up into a 404.

And just as general feedback, I am impressed … no React components and in general very thin to no support, documentation for Javascript , no examples with the documentation, the documentations of Stream is rather wordy and less explicit. I just paid for an account and i am a little puzzled to how this actually work… I still feel there must be a lot of good documentation and components and NPM packages and support but I am still to find a gate to it or something …

Can you post a screenshot of the part of the page with the link to 404? The links I see point to:

“See an example”

Meanwhile I found the JS docs on the player side (which is more HTML-ish) and some react component that seems fit for a decent upload syntax.

Thanks, found it. Calling @cloonan

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