CloudFlare Stream loading videos from Azure Storage Account for On-Demand and Live Stream


I am brand new to CloudFlare and was playing around. I am looking to migrate content from Akamai CDN for an OTT Website project - that supports both on-demand and live streaming videos.

Is there any way I can make CloudFlare Stream to load the Videos from Azure Storage instead of using CloudFlare Storage?

Thanks in advance for any inputs.


Then I’m not sure what the point would be to using Cloudflare stream if you’re just going to load from Azure. But to answer your question, no, Cloudflare stream pulls from Cloudflare storage only.


Thanks @sdayman, we were looking to go Multi CDN - so thought it would be easier to keep the file in Azure and then use the respective CDN services : Akamai and Cloudflare to be exact.

Thanks for your inputs, will reassess my use case.


Hey @vivek.spark - you can get what you’re looking for (a multi-CDN setup for your video service) with Cloudflare, but Cloudflare Stream is not the right Cloudflare product.

Cloudflare Stream does live recording, VOD storage, encoding, packaging and delivery as a single product. You can’t split the components from each other, which means that you can’t use Cloudflare Stream to load videos from a different storage provider.

To do a multi-CDN setup for your own video service - I suggest getting in touch with Cloudflare Sales and point to this product:


That being said, if you’re looking to use both Cloudflare Stream’s end-to-end video service AND some other service together in parallel, this is something you can do. Just upload the videos to Stream and get the HLS/DASH URLs or MP4 links generated for you from Stream.


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