Cloudflare Stream Live - RTMP (not RTMPS) support?


Could you advise as to if Cloudflare supports RTMP, as some of the old devices still only supports RTMP, and doesn’t support RTMPS.

Thank you


Hi @haneef95 — we currently only support RTMPS, to ensure broadcasts are sent over secure connections.

Can you share what specific older devices you’re looking to use with Stream?

The ‘famous’ Teradeck ones apparently

Here’s a link to it as well:,No%20RTMPS%20support,-Due%20to%20hardware

This affects all Blackmagic devices too. I switched away from a Blackmagic encoder after it not supporting RTMPS.

See this topic and reply too:

The use cases that we have are for streams that will be available to the public anyway, so, we don’t mind if it’s encrypted or otherwise.

There is also a problem when the stream needs to be used as a source in OBS or vMix, they use VLC which does not support rtmps

You can’t be sure of that. Suppose a school wants to broadcast an event for students, or a business to remote employees. These events aren’t public by default. They might only be visible on the intranet of the business.

No updates? We still come across encoders that do not support RTMPS