Cloudflare Stream + Images - cover image black line

I would like to thank you for amazing combination Cloudflare stream and Images. I am finally can use perfectly Cloudflare stream with perfect cover. But I find little problem and I dont know how to solve. I was upload cover image on the Cloudflare image and put image adress to the Cover URL of Stream video. And there is always black top line. Can you help me how to solve it? It is not in the Cloudflare admin but it is at the my pages. I am adding pictures. I am using standard Cloudflare stream setting embed info.

Here is pictures
in Cloudflare admin image

At my pages image

Hey, there! I suspect this is the letterboxing that appears when the aspect ratio of the iframe containing the player does not match the contents inside. Try adding letterboxColor=transparent to the iframe embed query params — hopefully that does the trick.

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Thank you! Worked!

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Please Add it even to the Embedded options for easier embedding please

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