CloudFlare Stream hosted video lose their audio

We are hosting our videos on the Stream service. We get a lot of reports from users for videos that used to have audio, but don’t have audio anymore.
We used to re-upload the videos, but this approach is becoming very impractical.

Is this a known issue from the Stream service? Is there a solution?


This is the video ID d13d3cb23ae08e907eaf1699b385dbd3 of one of the videos that used to have audio.

Hi there, did this issue begin recently?

Hello zaid!
It began early this year.
However, because of the large number of videos, we depend on our users to report to us.
From time to time, we discover new videos that used to have audio and now they don’t.


Perhaps unrelated, but depending on the browser, auto-played videos will sometimes be muted, by the browser. In those cases, audio should work once the video is un-muted by the user.

Thanks for your feedback.
We checked that, but the video is not muted and it has no audio in all browsers and operating systems.
This problem keeps showing up with different videos which we know they had playing audio before.
We’re still figuring out what the problem is.

Any updates on this issue? Do you need any extra information from my side?