Cloudflare Stream framerate

Dear reader,

Soon I will be launching a website that contains a lot of embedded videos, hosted via Cloudflare Stream. Although the videos are presented in a small embed (width is about 300 px), there are a lot of fast movements.
I read in the FAQ that the maximum framerate of Cloudflare Stream is 30 fps.
However, in the Cloudlare Community I found a comment by someone saying that the framerate could be easily increased upon request. But how do I contact someone about this?

If possibe I would very much like to upgrade the framerate to 59.94 fps. I am looking forward to your advice.

Drop me an email at zaid at from the email associated with your Cloudflare account and I can increase the max frame rate for future uploads.

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Hi Zaid,
I will do so, thank you for the very fast reply!

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