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Hello I have a website (with dns access) and I am currently working on building a portfolio on it …

In the process, I would like to embed my portfolio videos with Cloudflare Stream on the same website but please note that my domain will not be hosted on Cloudflare

I saw in Cloudflare FAQ that it’s possible, please guide me with the process … thanks in advance

There’s another section on that page with instructions:

Hello @sdayman What I wanna ask is in the dashboard will it be ohk if I create a site “” but don’t follow the setup instruction of dns … ie don’t Configure the domain settings and just simply move to stream tab?

Ah…that will eventually fail. If Cloudflare sees you’re not using that domain here, it will delete it.

Without any domains, you should see this, which includes a Stream link on the right:

2 Likes is the link to use to sign up to Cloudflare to use Stream without being prompted to enter DNS information.

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Thanks @sdayman, I think maybe it wasn’t there before or maybe I just didn’t had close look in confusion … anyways thanks :slight_smile:

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