Cloudflare stream for audio

many websites are hosting audio for podcasting nowadays. It would be nice if cloudflare have something for that since cloudflare have solutions for images and video hosted at the edge. So if cf adds support for audio hosting and transcoding we could move almost all static content from traditional storage buckets to hosting at edge

I believe this one needs either storage space and CPU power, if you are not broadcasting via Icecast or some other from your host or PC computer.

I recommend you to try out with AzuraCast and Cloudflare on some cheap and stable cloud hosting like Hetzner is offering (CPX21 or CPX31).

AzuraCast has got some web proxy option regarding Cloudflare, so it can proxy over HTTPS connection and 443 port using Let’s Encrypt SSL (docker setup), and you benefit from Cloudflare Full SSL (Strict) option too.

Until then, I am afraid I cannot provide any other helpful information and even do not know about this feature too.

NOTE: Check this post due to Terms of Usage - I am not sure if this is related to what you want to achieve and the above example using AzuraCast and Cloudflare:

Older topic about this feature:

Typically, podcasts are progressive download, rather than HTTP segmented streaming as is typical in online video, or ICY streaming using Icecast/Shoutcast.

I agree that CF could add some value here. Most of the cloud providers have ignored audio-only workflows, but it’s much easier in the audio world. Workers are able to do some nice tricks with mp3 files, but the TOS might cause an issue.