Cloudflare Stream for Audio files?

I know that audio is far less complicated than video, however it is still something that is streams based, and would have a very similar API to Streams (tus based).

For the particular app I am wanting to build, it will be an audio and video sharing site. So it would be unfortunate to select Cloudflare Stream for video, yet have to do something entirely different for audio, rather than just leveraging one solution (or two solutions with a similar API).

Does Cloudflare have any plans to tackle audio streaming?


+1 for this. Any plans for allowing audio files to be streamed as well as video? Would be seriously amazing to be able to create audio playlists of my own recordings in wordpress…etc!!


I’m very interested in streaming audio files. Are there any news?

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Wow! Its been 2 years and still there are no updates? Since we have video its natural to also have audio, it could have really helped. Now i have to look for some other CDN to do this job.

When I last checked (the other month) it’s Enterprise only with no plans to roll out to other plans at this time.

Seriously guys, add audio streaming, please.

Just a troll’y hacker’y mindset here. Couldn’t we as users just stream a 1px by 1px video with an audio stream? Or stream a video container that only has an audio source and no video sources?

Not perfect, but certainly not prohibitively impasse.

Biggest issue would be paying for the cost of full-fledged video, when you are sending something that is orders of magnitude tinier.

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Please add audio streaming.

+1 For Audio. Otherwise I have to find some other solution for my audio files. Perhaps S3, but then, why do I need Cloudflare at all in that case?