CloudFlare Stream feedback

Dear Developers of Cloudflare stream I would like to thank you for very good solution. I was searching some Vimeo analog and this is it what I was searching it. I will be using CloudFlare streams now and maybe will even add more cloudflare services in the future.

I just want to say few points of feedback which features I will welcomed in the future:

1, Disable of the Grey-out overlay. It will be very nice if there will be possibilitity to turn off that overlay.
2, Overlay picture/featured picture of the video can be added in the cloudflare stream administration (like on vimeo). I am doing it now in the code. It is functional but it is not user friendly.
3, 4K streaming

In the future will be nice even add some livestream possibilites.

I really like your work. Thank so much what you done. You did amazing job and it is really good solution in the comparison of Vimeo or AWS. I will be your customer for long time.


Thanks for your feedback and for supporting Stream. We are working on a major player update which will solve (1). Items (2) and (3) are features we plan to support but don’t have an ETA yet.

Can you describe your use case for 4K?

I have premium membership magazine and want best streams for the subscribers. I am content creator and I am doing some of my content in 4K and I would like to offer for my subscribers best streaming. It will be very nice if you will have it too. But I can wait for this feature for several time.

Thank you again for you work
Best regards