Cloudflare Stream : Discrepancy in minutes viewed

I understand how CloudFlare Steam is billed -
My problem is the huge discrepancy in the viewing minutes statistics.

When I go to: Billing > Billable usage
I am shown:
Cloudflare Stream
Cumulative total this month: 5.86k minutes
(we’re 9 days into this month so far)


When I go to “Stream” and click on the uploaded videos on the bottom of the video it shows me the stats for that video, for example:
Last 30 days 7 views 5 mins watch time

The problem is when I add up all the minutes from the “Last 30 days” on the 34 videos I have uploaded, the total viewed time only comes in at 1,410 minutes for the last 30 days. (I have not removed any videos)

So why are these numbers so far off?
5,860 minutes viewed in the last 9 days (which seems really odd)
1,410 minutes for the last 30 days

There are 2 types of Minutes Watched metrics:

  • Client-side Minutes Watched Metric: This is returned from the Stream Player and shows how many minutes the user actually watched, including replays. This is what you see at a video level. Another important point: if you don’t use the Stream Player, this metric will be 0.

  • Billable Minutes Watched Metric: This is a sum of number of video segments that are downloaded. In order to ensure the video experiences the least amount of buffering, the video player downloads upcoming segments before the user gets to that point in the video. This is why your billable minutes watched will generally be higher than Client-side Minutes Watched metric.

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Thank you for the explanation.

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